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About Us

Equipment Clearing is an established used metalworking machinery dealer and for the past 40+ years we have delivered results to meet the needs of our customers. This long experience also developed our strong working knowledge of industrial markets throughout North America and Europe.

Our contacts are many- and they are invaluable assets. Today this background is applied while effectively delivering machinery solutions to current customers.

Do you have machinery assets to sell? We have the knowledge and ability to offer competitive pricing on the used machinery we buy- from a single piece to a complete facility. FYI when we buy your equipment it will be removed by insured and reliable riggers using the right equipment and people, all working to a mutually convenient schedule.

If you seek a used machine please check our inventory and if not in stock contact us. We will quickly research, through our extensive contact list, to find the equipment you seek. We can make it happen.

To illustrate our make-it-happen approach- we recently purchased all machinery assets of a plant located in Mexico. We then coordinated the hiring of Mexican riggers to deliver those machinery assets to the USA side of the border where we had that machinery transloaded onto US trucks- 30 transport loads including 12 heavy haul loads. This equipment was then transported for storage into warehouses of our USA partner.

Is your company in the process of selling or purchasing any metalworking machinery? If so we suggest you get in touch with us by phone, online or by email. We will respond by the next business day or sooner. We can make it happen.

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